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Website accessibility is part of that effort. We Coach Foundation has partnered with web accessibility market leader accessiBe to strengthen the relationship with the disability community through education, awareness, technology and training.

accessiBe is a technology solution that can transform a website into a fully compliant and easily navigable page, allowing you to adjust and optimize certain features according to a person's specific needs.

How to use the access widget by accessiBe

From We Coach Foundation’s website, you can access the accessibility tools by clicking on the blue circle icon with the universal symbol for a person, which is located at the bottom left corner of every page. You can adjust settings such as contrast and font size, or choose from one of the preset options:  ​​​​​​​

  • Seizure Safe

  • Vision Impaired

  • Cognitive Disability

  • ADHD Friendly

  • Blind Users

  • Keyboard Navigation (Motor)


If you want to return to the original form of the website, just click the Reset Settings button to clear your changes. Also, access widget only works when activated, so if you don't want or need to use these features, then nothing will change.

We are extremely proud to partner with accessiBe to make our website more user-friendly and accessible to anyone.

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